My name is Alvina, which means noble and wise friend. A pretty strong meaning! Right? I was born in St. Louis, MO, and raised in Detroit, MI, at 4 years old. Currently, I still reside on the west side of Detroit. During my journey of healing and freeing myself of the things I have endured throughout my many paths. I feel it is my absolute responsibility to be a beacon of light for others to see a way to freedom. What is life if not shared with others, living, loving, and growing? I invite you to explore and journey with me as I further walk into my God-given purpose as He uses my gifts to make room for me. To encourage people through my words and my perception of looking at all things positively. 

OvercomeHer Life was birthed from many visions that God had been revealing to me over the past ten years. He started with images of “eagles” as they soar higher than any other bird. The eagle’s outstanding ability to fly became my mantra. Today, it is my fuel to “soar above all and everything that has come or will come to impede my journey. OvercomeHer Life is my testimony of resilience, tenacity, and peace to triumph from familial childhood sexual abuse. I will remain transparent and even at times somewhat vulnerable, but together we will grow! Let our exploration begin!

"Let's overcome, heal and love ourselves."

"I went through to come out to have a story." -Allie Quote-

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Diary of an Aesthete

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Designing the Parks

The Designing the Parks internship program introduces young diverse groups of students to National Park Service design and planning professions.

From The Darkness Into The Light

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